Get to know your Body, Mind and Spirit BETTER in this brand new year with me!
There are so many secrets inside you that have the power to create the living and being you have always wished for…seriously!! But, you have to be willing to step outside the box, go against the gain and status quo, and even be the new beat to your own drum. If there is one thing I have come to realize through all of the research and study I have done to uncover the TRUTH about who we really are as ‘human beings’ it is this: following the crowd [aka mainstream media and widespread social wisdom] is definitely not the way. Do you want to feel less anxious, feel happier, balance your weight, let go of your fears, lose addictions, feel inspired, be on purpose, be connected to higher levels of knowing that guide you to all the good things life has to offer?  Sound MIRACULOUS?  Let me guide you to know the science behind who you really are…it will BLOW you away when you find out!!


One of the biggest and brightest jewels I have uncovered in my study and research for my upcoming book is that there are some beautiful gifts that sit inside our own body and physiology as ‘energy beings’. Grabbing hold of this one insight alone turns the key in the lock that opens the door to a flood of exciting opportunities for you if you are willing to listen and UNLEARN. If you are willing to let go of some of the things you have learned through the mass media and some social learning, you will begin to unwrap the gifts inside you.

Simple science proved long ago that our physical bodies are systems of flowing energy. When the flow of this energy becomes blocked, imbalanced or inhibited in some way, problems like: fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, plummeting confidence, lack of self worth, lack of harmony in our daily living exist on multiple levels. YES there is an emotional side to all of this…but, if we balance our physiological energy first, the secrets we uncover guide us further to dissolve the emotional scars we carry. We learn better how to help ourselves stabilize the flow of energy within us.


Another big stumbling block for many is they have learned that it is UNCOOL to be spiritual. But in reality, you are a spiritual being whether you know it or not! If your life isn’t working for you, you might want to listen in a little closer. Your human design contains energy that when raised to higher vibrational levels has the ability to connect to a higher level of consciousness [higher knowing] that all the seers, sages, yogi’s and spiritual masters over time have known for millions of years. Every insightful quote or writing contains this knowledge. This higher vibration and consciousness will melt away fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, and any lack of purpose, motivation, success, prosperity or even magic and miracles in life. There are many of us who were brought up to believe that we don’t deserve good things to happen to us. Been there and done that! I am not saying that challenges won’t happen…it is inevitable. I am saying there are ways of living and being that uplift, nurture, heal, and guide us to the ways that create MAGIC in life. These secrets make all the difference between a miserable existence and one that is REAL Beautiful [illuminated, divine, blissful, inspired, purposeful, sacred and fun]. I will teach the sacred and powerful technologies that change and influence the energy flow and chemical reactions in your body to make MAGIC HAPPEN.  Get ALL the SECRETS inside the book REAL Beautiful: The Secret Energy of the Mind, Body, and Spirit available NOW!


[contains secrets ingredients that make MAGIC HAPPEN]!

Follow the breathing exercise below to begin to raise your vibration inside your body. Take the time to FEEL and LIVE this small experiment to gain the experience of creating chemical reactions inside your body with your own actions. This simple skill when practiced regularly will raise the vibrational level of energy in your body over time and has the power to create the formula for MAGIC inside you. Sit in a comfy position with a straight spine.

1. Breathe in through your mouth with pursed lips as much air as you consciously can. Focusing intently on filling up every inch of space inside your lungs. Remember to expand and reach the lower and upper tips of your lungs in the process.

2. Hold the breath of air inside your lungs for up to 7 seconds. Hold the breath without straining. As you hold it, see the breath filled with magical energy as it lights up every cell in your body one by one.

3. As you begin to release the air from your lungs through your pursed lips, take note of the warm and gentle tingling that happens inside your body. It is in this exact moment, the fire and heat and the letting go of the breath soothes you instantaneously and shares a glimpse of the miracles to come.

* Practice this breath for 3 minutes in a quiet and comfortable place


If we take the simple magic making practice above and kick the vibration level up a notch by adding a couple other secret ingredients to the mixture, we reach magic and miracles faster. Hold your hands in the powerful secret sharing posture or mudra below at the same time as you complete the breath sequence above.

Our hands hold a secret map of our body similar to our feet and sensory motor cortex in the brain. By placing our hands and fingers in certain positions we can affect different areas of the body.  This mudra balances energy and water throughout the body. Add onto this vibration even further as you chant the word OM and ramp up the vibrational wattage inside your cells even faster.

TSE MUDRA [Three Secrets Exercise]


1. Take your thumbs on both hands and place them on the cushy pad of flesh that sits below your pinkie finger on the palm side of your hand.

2. Make a fist as you close the rest of your fingers over your thumbs and cause your thumbs to create a pressure on the spot under your pinkie finger where they rest as you take in and hold your breath for 7 seconds. As you hold your hand posture and the breath inside, visualize miracle energy pouring into every cell in your body as you silently recite or chant the sacred mantra OM [a sacred word that transfers high vibrational energy into our body, mind & spirit when repeated] into your right ear.

3. Every time you exhale [breathe out] experience the heat of the vibrational energy rising inside you and symbolically open your clenched fist to let go of all of your fears, unworthiness and anything that doesn’t serve and honor your beautiful being or vibrate at the level of magic & miracles.

* increases oxygen content in our cells and improves and optimizes their function
* detoxes our body, mind and spirit
* supports healing action in the body
* improves mood
* decreases fear
* increases good fortune
*improves mental powers and intuitiveness

Take note of the sensations and magical experiences that take place in your life as you consistently practice the exercise above. Share these moments with us below in the comments section and share this MAGIC SACRED SADHANA with any one you know who can use MIRACLES to show up in their own life! The more you practice, the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more MAGIC that happens…this is simple, sacred and fun! When MAGIC happens in my life it makes me smile…and LAUGH a little too [this is the FUN part]!!

Stay tuned for PART TWO of my NEW YEAR’S BLOG when I share some of the MAGICAL MOMENTS that happened while writing my book that help to prove the POWER behind the practices and technologies I share in it! Remember this…because you showed up here today and connected to this blog, you are already touching the stream of energy that holds MAGIC within it! You just have to learn how to use it!!

Until we meet up again at the vibration that infuses our lives with MAGIC & MIRACLES…XOXO



Sending you magic & miracles,


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