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 A REAL Beautiful STORY

You are not alone if you have struggled in behind the scenes of your life because of a constant nagging energy that pulls you down…millions of women across the world feel it too!  Just like me, I know you have those negative scripts running around in your head that remind you over and over that you are not ‘GOOD ENOUGH’.  BUT today is the day these hurtful messages end!!

I can show you some simple ways to make the science behind who you are [as an ‘energy being’] work in your favor to make you feel good about YOU.  I can help you melt away depression & anxiety, dissolve addictions, balance your weight [under or over], attract success, feel inspired, be on purpose and feel guided by a powerful energy source inside you that has all the answers!  Your going to LOVE THIS STUFF…If I can do it, so can you!!  You will feel like you have a MAGIC WAND in your hand.




I have worked in the healthcare system, both inside and outside the hospital, for over 25 years.  As a Registered Nurse specializing in Family Medicine and Palliative, a Teacher of Community Nursing at The University of Western Ontario, a Women’s Heath Educator, an author, a mother to six REAL beautiful daughters, one of five sisters and daughters, a healer at the heart of who I am, and a seeker of wisdom; I am also a woman who has not felt ‘good enough’ in a society that has no honor or reverence for its women.  I have uncovered some secrets inside my body that I want to share with you.  I was given an award for CARING in Nursing  and feel I have uncovered the science and power behind ‘caring’ and some other critical ways of living and being that have the power in them to transform and awaken us… mind, body, and spirit!


I have left no stone unturned to understand the essence of being human and a woman in our Western society.  I have uncovered some powerful secrets about our human design that allow women to embrace and connect to an innate hidden power that sits inside their own physiology waiting to be discovered.  The mass media and social learning that surrounds us has created a smoke screen in front of us so that we can not see the truth of who we really are.  This reality has lead us away from the healing, health, peace, bliss, success, prosperity and even the magic and miracles that are rightfully ours from birth.    I have been blessed throughout the darkness and misguided information I have experienced to know the intermittent sprinkling of blessings that have faithfully comforted me and kept me searching, knowing and believing there was something more to YOU & ME!

I have been on a divine journey with heightened intensity in the last two years while writing my upcoming book “REAL Beautiful Body, Mind & Spirit”!  When I began to brainstorm the best approaches I knew to heal and empower women from the vast amount of literature and research I had studied, little did I know that I would be guided to some deeper secrets behind who we really are!  I have uncovered some some powerful practices and technologies that reveal the sacred and beautiful truth about our being.  You will be astounded!

  Magically and mystically I have followed the synchronistic flow of the universe as it has guided me to the knowledge I share with you on this site and in the pages of my REAL Beautiful Body, Mind and Spirit book.  I have discovered that there are some ways of living and being that manifest the ‘REAL Beautiful’ life we all desperately search for and never find.


While I was writing this treasure of ways to live and be REAL Beautiful, I met up with the most awe-inspiring and  synchronistically beautiful moments and people.  I have transformed from the inside out!  Everything I needed to write this book and move my life towards healing, optimum health, purpose, inspiration, personal success, abundance and enlightened wisdom has been revealed to me in the most perfect and divine order. 

My healing and transformational journey has been on a road less traveled making its own beautiful path right up to and including this present moment.  Although there have been moments of pain and sorrow[we are human], my life has been blessed and consistently infused with the healing power of miracles.  These miracles have shone a light through the suffering into a brand new world with illuminated perspectives and higher realms of living and being for me.  I know now why they happened  and I want to share theses sparkling jewels of wisdom that have been revealed to me, with you. Come and live in the REAL Beautiful world I have found! You are going to LOVE IT!   If I can do this, YOU can too!! 

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
~ Rumi

My Mother died when I was twenty-five years of age.  This loss along with an already deep sense of anxiety, fear, confusion, and lack of self-love and confidence caused my life to spiral further into darkness.   The loss of my Mother and the lack of light in my life caused me to question life and death on deeper levels.  My experience and knowledge, both formal and informal, as a Mother of six beautiful daughters, a Registered Nurse inside and outside the hospital doors, a caretaker at the doorway between life and death, a seeker of truth, a lover of the written word, and the desire to feel healthier and happier has taken me on a fruitful journey that has revealed some startling information that I call ‘secrets’ because for the most part, they are hidden in our society.  The fast paced lives we lead are tainted with ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘who is the prettiest’ mentalities.  These ways of thinking have taken us off course and distracted us away from the REAL truth about the magnificent capacity we own as ‘energy beings’. 


A lifetime of seeking has uncovered a treasure of sparkling jewels that have made my own life REAL Beautiful.  A severe illness, a near-death experience and an ongoing relationship with ‘the other side’ are included in the magnificent journey that led me to know the secrets inside my body and a new reality that connects me to living and being REAL Beautiful. This wisdom has changed the way I live, breathe, feel, eat, sleep, see, know and believe.  I have experienced core level cellular changes that I know have raised the vibrational energy in my body to levels that connect me to the Magic & Miracles that exist in life!   I want you to be able to do this too!

NO more illusions. NO more following the messages in the media.  Let’s look at higher wisdom that leads us to capitalize on the POWER we own as ‘energy beings’ so we can rewire our brains and uplift our vibration so we can end depression, let go of our addictions, calm our anxiety, experience bliss, optimize our body cells, know success, gain abundance and transform our body, mind and spirit!  It’s all just plain and simple Science.




I know how to unlock the secrets inside your body so you can start being the REAL YOU!  Listen to the wisdom in a quote by Yogi Bhajan – ‘Just Be You’!  You are going to LOVE IT!!

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  1. tessa says:

    The true meaning of love happens when you love yourself first. When you don’t love yourself first, it will be impossible to give love to someone else. Today I am going to remind myself that I have a big heart and that I love who I am.. So what are you going to do today to LOVE YOU?

    • Cindy Heath says:

      Some wise and beautiful insight Tessa…thank you! You are exactly right…love YOU first BETTER, and see Magic happen in your health, life and relationships!


  2. Cindy Heath says:

    Thank you Linda…we both love synchronicity, magic, and miracles!! XO

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