Living Mystically…

It is a Sacred Sadhana in itself. Every time that you believe and practice it, you draw Beauty & Miracles into your life. Take in the signposts in the flowers, trees, water, sun, mantras and mudras, animals, and people that are laid before you on your path. They are the mystical messengers and teachers that whisper to your spirit. LISTEN, and you will become your own GURU and a BEAUTY & MIRACLE maker.

Simple. Sacred. Science. 

I have come to a space in time where it seems most of the moments of my day feel mystical.  I mean I feel light and almost giddy, in an effortless flow that comforts me, guides me, inspires me, and brings the greatest hope to things that seemed dark and impossible before I linked in to the cosmos, oneness, infinity, universe, divine, or the magic and miracles I describe in my book.  Living mystically requires sharpened senses that are tuned into higher frequencies that offer a library of knowledge and guidance, and gifts like comfort, protection, insight, peace, happiness, success, and every miracle you can intend.  There are some truths about life that no one can change, for they are engraved in this human experience.  No amount of vibrational energy can remove them completely from being experienced.  Some moments of fear, death, illness, loss, life challenges, and some dark nights of the soul cannot be unwritten, for they are all part of the package bought and paid for upon our arrival here on this earth.  Although these are inevitable parts and pieces of the journey, living mystically removes some of the darkness in these experiences because of the higher insight that is shared on these higher vibrations that I relate in my ‘Real Beautiful’ book.  When I speak of magic and miracles there many are nay- sayers that are ready to prove me wrong at the first hardship that crosses my path.  As if to say ‘I told you so, there are no magic and miracles here’.  But I know that the hardships will come just like my own death will, when it is my time.  But there is a place outside of time and space that shares beautiful insights and greater understanding of these things, along with an open door to heaven and miracles in exchange for my acceptance of these truths.  I am given the privilege to use the insights, miracles, glimpses of heaven on earth, and my visits to the other side to experience the greatest of joys in life as well.  Every fear is coated with comfort, every loss soothed by mystical insight and contact with heaven to ease the pain and suffering —as if a medicinal tonic has been infused to heal and carry me across the challenging oceans of life.    Living mystically means I hear and see the unseen that is only possible when the vibrational energy of the body is heightened to match the waves of energy where miracles and infinite knowledge exist.  Those that haven’t reach this frequency yet may say I am full of ego, but ironically it is they that are.  It is the ego that hides the gems and jewels that higher vibrations treasure and share with any one that seeks or dares to meet up them.   All we have to do is raise the energy vibrations in the body to receive them.


I share many grounding ways to begin to raise the vibrations in your body so that you can connect to your spirit or energy part of your being. Over time, the more ways of living and being you take on that are drenched with higher vibrations, the longer you will stay connected to it.  You may experience being in the flow and then dropping out of it, this can happen.  But I promise you there will be a tipping point, you will know it when it happens, and you will feel like you are in the flow of this magical stream more often than not.

Rumi reminds us that we have the ability inside our own body to experience the gold, happiness, abundance, and sweetness that this life was really meant to offer…that is until the ways to experience these things became hidden and coveted by those that wanted all of the miracles for themselves. Through my own experience I have found the gold Rumi speaks of and understand what he was trying to tell us.

‘Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you?’

More intently over the last couple weeks, I have had reoccurring experiences with mystical messages as a red cardinal showed up repetitively on my path.  This urged me to search the mystical meaning of a cardinal so I could listen to the message it had for me.  The new buds and blossoms on the plants in the house told me that all of my hard labor I went through during the winter months was fruitful as I embraced loss, grief, fear, and illness, and then reflectively recorded the messages in them all.  Understanding the reason for each of them helped to heal and revive my mind, body, and spirit.  We must address these challenges of life, go deep and get the mystical messages behind them in order to experience new life!  Not giving up and being dedicated to seek and understand has a mystical power the divine source cannot deny.  Every effort made from the heart connects directly to the universe and becomes a force added to tip the balance of vibrational energy inside of us.  Every prayer, meditation, mudra, mantra, aromatherapy, healing gemstone, and high vibrational meal we take in keeps us high, and then the beauty and miracles flow in us without effort.  For example, I walked into Chapters book store the other day to take care of some details with my upcoming book signing and was taken to the aisle and shelves where my book was.  I noticed an envelope sitting on the shelf before me.  It was a card left for someone to find…it had a kind note and a 5 dollar bill in it, along with a ‘pay it forward’ sentiment.  Just one of the little miracles I meet up with every day because I believe and practice living mystically.  I am grateful for it all!  I know without a doubt it has everything to do with the higher energy vibrations I work at keeping inside me.

There are many vibrational raising activities you can practice to live mystically so the birds, the trees, the people, the circumstances that connect with you all become a language the universe speaks to you like a mentor guiding you, always towards the beauty and miracles of life.  Obviously there is a treasure of ways to reach higher vibrations revealed to you inside my book  [REAL BEAUTIFUL].  So you can connect with divine intelligence, tune into the mystical signposts through higher consciousness,  experience the beauty, and be grateful for the miracles that come.  Since writing the book I continue to add high vibrational energy into my body daily in a multitude of ways.  I wear a powerful bracelet I now call my ‘MIRACLE BRACELET’ that carries the highest vibration of all gemstones to help keep the energy in my body elevated.  Because I carry the bracelet on my wrist, I carry the vibrational energy of miracles with me everywhere I go,  This is beyond the meditation, the sacred medicinal herbs, the potent nutritional tonics, the practice of kundalini yoga, and more. I do these things to ensure the connection to divine source.  I love the ease of the beauty, insight, and miracles I receive just putting the bracelet on.  I loved and believed in the bracelet so much that I felt called to design and share these high vibrational gemstones with others.  I decided to amp up the vibration by adding some more magic power to the gemstones by blessing them with a miracle manta, a magic prayer, sacred medicinal herbs, and high vibrational ‘miracle oil’ [coming soon!].  I have also created a high vibrational healing and miracle spray called  ‘Ra Ma Da Sa Healing that carries the power of this secret and sacred gurbani mantra.  Its vibration enters the cells of the body to heal and uplift them to higher vibrations, so you can connect with the energy waves that hold Beauty and every Miracle you can intend from the heart.  I am excited to add two more beautiful and powerful ways to keep Beauty and Miracles flowing into your life, and mine.

If you have any questions please just ask below, and stay tuned for my 11 Day Scared Sadhana for Beauty and Miracles starting March 29 following my book signing on my Facebook page .  Click the PINK HEART on the home page and sign in to receive more miracles [my free waterfall meditation and sparkling heart download].  If you don’t have my ‘Real Beautiful’ book yet get iton my SHOP PAGE for a limited time as I give away my FREE Miracle Mantra Card [while they last] with it!

Until we meet again…may the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround, and the light within you, guide your way on. Sat Nam.


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