You are powerful as long as you know how powerful you are ~ Yogi Bhajan


Most people don’t realize their own power because it is hidden like a secret inside of the body.

You have to be willing to get sacred and take part in the ways of living and being that raise your energy vibration higher. Your body is an energy temple that holds the frequency of all of the energy you bring to it combined. Every thought, breath, vision. and action is recorded and calculated. If you energy feels low or negative,  try adding some higher vibrational energy into your life and watch the magic happen!

Today, Miracle Bracelets are being infused with sacred mantras, miracle meditations, ancient herbs, precious essential oils, and the power of aromatherapy carrying the highest vibration. I even add my John of God crystal to the blessing process. This extra special crystal carries the healing power of his mystical healing power and amplifies the energy of the beautiful gemstones and mantra charm that make this bracelet the treasure it is.

I love preparing these bracelets for their new owners. It is a sacred sadhana in itself for me as I dial into higher vibrational energy that lifts the energy in the cells of my own body to a place where every miracle waits to unfold. I love hanging out in this blissful space 🙂

These are just some of the way I expose myself to higher vibration so my cells can take them in.

Make a decision to add higher vibrational energy to your body cells in multiple ways, and then you not only reach the waves of energy that deliver miracles…you stay in this beautiful realm longer. The more sacred practices you take part in, the longer the stay…it’s up to you!

What do you do to saturate yourself with the energy of miracles?  Share your ideas below and don’t forget to receive your FREE GIFTS and open the door for more sparkling insights to flow into your life below!

Start your journey to understand yourself as an energy being so you can make your own miracles in daily life <3

Sat Nam X <3 O

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