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Miracle Bend

Our body is pretty AMAZING!  Ancient science tells us to create special angles with our body so we can feel BLISS and expereince  MIRACLES! Practice this pose taught to us by […]

EMBRACING the New Year!

O.K….I know what you are thinking! It is hard to get so quickly in line with the idea that this will be a REAL Beautiful New Year. It is only […]

Immunity, Hormones, & Aging

With flu season upon us, it is nice to know that there are some exercises that can actually improve and support our immunity! Check out this amazing yoga sequence that […]

Cheers to Balanced Health in the New Year!

Well, another year has come and gone. As with any New Year, the feelings of anxiety and pressure to BE BETTER than we were last year come with it. My […]

Some Healthy and Interesting Things

I believe in BALANCED exercise for our bodies, since every body requires exercise to function effectively. Check out this video: Yoga For Weight Loss Amazing! I would like to take emphasis off […]

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