When you understand yourself better as an ‘energy being’, you will see yourself and your life differently, with new eyesight.  SECRETS will begin to unfold before your eyes as you raise your own energy vibration to a height that will unhide some powerful knowledge to you.  This knowledge is a critical ingredient in the magic potions you will create to make magic & miracles happen in your life!  At the same time, you will be activating an energy source inside of you that will join forces with another outside of you to open the door to a new and BEAUTIFUL world that is waiting just for you.  You will know it is happening when MIRACLES begin to happen after you apply the technologies I will share here with you in this secret and sacred space together.  Think of our time together as a REAL BEAUTIFUL RETREAT and GIFT you give yourself to tell the universe you are ready to receive all that is beautiful into your daily living!!  The sacred sadhanas we will share together are steeped with great mystery, the highest vibrations, and the most sacred science, the effects will astound you.  You will experience for yourself, BEAUTY, POWER, HEALING, MAGIC, & MIRACLES and then understand why this enlightened knowledge has been hidden like a secret gem in a remote safety deposit box by those individuals who were afraid of losing it and sharing it with others.



You have to be willing to step outside the status quo: mainstream media, advertisements, social learning, education and conventional knowledge that you own already know hasn’t made your life what you desire it to be!  The greatest news is that I have found some POWERFUL information that is going to make you smile and get excited about changing the way you are living and being because you will experience the beautiful transformations inside of you and see and feel them with your own eyes and heart…this will be the best proof that they work!


SECRET # 1 Becoming Beauty


I want to begin in the single most powerful place to raise energy vibrations.  Most people search outside of themselves for POWER as we are taught in our present-day society, but the REAL secret sits inside of your very own mind, body, and spirit.  It all begins with YOU.  You hold inside of your own physical body a powerful secret that only those who have dared to seek the wisdom of ancient enlightened masters and gurus, ever find.  Amplifying the vibration of your own BEAUTY will begin a sacred energy transaction inside of you that will bring BEAUTY in all ways to you.


A Sacred Mantra for Beauty, Bliss, & Prosperity  

To become Beauty and have beautiful lives we have to think, speak, act, feel, see, and be the beauty we wish to experience.  The essence of our truest nature is to be bountiful, blissful and beautiful as Enlightened Master of Our Time, Yogi Bhajan, guides us to in the scientific and sacred mantra he created just for women.  He wanted women to have the opportunity in this lifetime to experience the love, honor, reverence, confidence, and abundance/prosperity, that they were created to own.  This mantra will bring all of these things and an extra special gift, higher insight,  into the truth of your being.  You will be astounded to find out who you really are.  In one of the many profound quotes left to us by Yogi Bhajan, he tells women to ‘Just be you”.  He knew the power and truth of your ‘energy being’.

As you begin your journey to reach higher vibrations so Beauty, Confidence, Bliss, Prosperity, Higher Consciousness, Truth, and Inspiration can fill your life.  Make a commitment to do the powerful meditation below for 40 days, and record the magical moments that take place in a special journal so you can keep track of all the miracles and share them with every woman you LOVE.



All you have to do is create a sacred space [I share more about how to do this in my REAL BEAUTIFUL book for now make the space peaceful,  uninterrupted, safe & warm], let go/trust, and fill your heart with reverence and an intention to fill your life with beauty so you can become it.  I guarantee you that BEAUTIFUL MIRACLES will begin to flow into your life!


Yogi Bhajan created the powerful mantra below to contain the words, sacred vibrations, and energy that he knew scientifically would create the neural chemical changes inside of our physical bodies and manifest all the gifts related in the words the mantra contains.  It is that simple…repeat and deeply reflect on the meaning of the words in the mantrathe words over and over in your sacred place and throughout the day with meaning, and see what happens!   It’s gonna feel like magic, and I know you will LOVE IT!

I Am Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful, Bountiful Blissful, Beautiful I Am.



I want to add some extra POWER to this mantra [not that it needs it, but I am all about getting the largest and quickest result],  by adding a specific breath sequence, the magical power of numerology, and a beautiful mudra to it as well. 

I share some powerful mudras in my book and explain the science behind them in a little more detail.  For now, just know that when you hold your hands in specific postures [yoga for your hands], you can open the flow of energy in the body, which in turn, helps to raise your vibrational energy inside of you even higher!  There is MAGIC in our hands if we place them in secret and specific positions.  Every effort you make to keep the vibrational energy inside your body high, you are given automatic access to the higher streams of energy in the divine universe!  When this connection happens, MIRACLES & BEAUTY shower down on your like a rushing waterfall.  This is when your TRUE POWER to manifest BEAUTY and all your desires awakens. The greatest secret is to stay committed to your sacred sadhana to keep this experience going!    

While you recite the mantra given to us by Yogi Bhjan, begin by inhaling a long deep breath through your nose and on the exhale, repeat the mantra

“I am bountiful, blissful, beautiful, bountiful, blissful, beautiful, I am.” 

lakshmi mudra 2Hold your hands in Lakshmi Mudra: 

* see photo [pinkie, ring, and  middle fingers on each hand are curled in a fist causing them to press on the mounds of flesh at the base of the palms, and then allow the thumb tip and index finger tip to press firmly as you hold this posture at shoulder level].

This sacred mudra brings abundance, prosperity, beauty, & grace to the practitioner.



Complete this sacred meditation [mantra, breath, and mudra] for 11 minutes, up to 3 times/day, or for 33 minutes once/day.  If you can’t do it for the length of time specified, do it as long as you can and work up to these times.  The length of time you practice any meditation influences the effect it will have on the mind, body, and spirit.  The longer you practice the more ingrained the vibration becomes inside of you.


A Beautiful Secret…

The mantra, the long deep breath through the nose, and the position of your hands work together synergystically to connect you to the electromagnetic field that shares abundance, bliss, and beauty for FREE.  REMEMBER this added SECRET: Your feelings and intentions from the heart will make your mind, body, and spirit GLOW and OVERFLOW with these gifts!

Share the power of this beautiful sacred mantra meditation with all of women you know and LOVE (including yourself)…  Just holding this healing mantra card in your hands alone begins the transfer of higher vibrational energy between you and the universe and bringd Abundance, Bliss, and Beauty into your life!

Get your HEALING MANTRA CARDS today and practice the mediation above so we can keep staying REAL BEAUTIFUL together! XO





  1. Chara says:

    The mantram and mudra are beautiful! Thank you for reminding us to BE BEAUTY and light.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how breath can deepen everything? I love your sacred mantra, supercharged with the mundra and breath work. Beautiful post!

  3. Minette says:

    What a beautiful process, can’t wait to give it a try. Stopping by from the Visionary Female Authors tribe and glad to have discovered your blog today.

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