Many of us have blocks inside of us because of the beliefs and fears we have been taught about receiving prosperity. Any ideas of being prosperous have been so misguided, tainted,  and confused  in our social learning that many of us stay away from asking for prosperity for fear that we will cursed in some way.   These fearful ideas date back to ancient times when even Hermeticism was taught secretly to protect those who knew better.  The REAL truth is, you are beautiful, powerful, and ‘good enough’ to be prosperous.


The biggest hurdle in receiving prosperity is not in the realization of this truth written above, although we can never be prosperous if we don’t look deeper into believing we are worthy of it—But we have to be able to go beyond knowing we can be prosperous, by taking action to open our hearts and minds to create and gracefully accepting it into our lives.


Prosperity comes in many forms and is not just associated with financial wealth.  Feeling at peace, inspired, loved, motivated, worthy, beautiful, healthy, boundless and abundant in all ways, are some of the expressions of the true meaning of prosperity.

Scientifically, physiologically, biologically, psychologically, and spiritually we have been designed for greatness that includes prosperity…it is written into our DNA!

It is our lack of belief and ineffective application of prosperous practices from within our beautiful and miraculous ‘energy being’ that can block this experience from our lives.  In my book REAL BEAUTIFUL,  I help you to understand how your ways of living and being from moment to moment contribute to the level of vibration we hold inside our physical bodies.  In turn, this vibration links up with the same energy from the universe outside of us.  This higher vibration I speak of holds the key to our beautiful power and every kind of prosperity we choose to create.  It is in our best interest to stay connected to the ways of living that keep our vibrations high.  Taking part in energy practices along with being humble, kind, living from the heart (I share this secret inside my book), and happy for those who have prosperous lives is required to obtain prosperity.    Take part in your own ‘sacred sadhana’ below to uplift the energy vibration in your body, mind, and spirit, and then take in the beautiful gifts this practice will shower down upon your life.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher I have come to know the magical power of being lost in the practice of being sacred to uplift my own energy vibration.  This practice keeps me connected to the spirit part of my being— it is the most powerful part of me that brings every intention I hold in my heart to me, just like magic!

‘Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos will clear the path’—Yogi Bhajn

Our physical bodies and minds are the storehouse of the things we contemplate and draw to us in our lives through the vibration we send out to the universe.  You have to be willing to get sacred to light up the sparks of energy that connect you.  Just like matches need a little help to light up, you have to take part in sacred practices that spark up your energy too.    The higher vibrations you keep will last proportionately as long as the commitment you make to your ‘Sacred Sadhana  — i. e./sacred practices and ways of living and being that keep you connected to the waves of  higher vibrational energy that make miracles like prosperity exist in your life.



Today I want to share with you a powerful Kundalini meditation that guarantees prosperity when you practice it with great honor and reverence [learn more about this practice inside my book].  At the same time, consciously choose to live each day in beautiful ways [be grateful, kind, positive, love yourself, and so on]. Practice feeling each of these ways of being in your heart, and then add on the powerful Kundalini Prosperity Meditation below so you can scientifically boost your energy vibration to align yourself with the prosperity of your choice.

 This meditation was given to us by Yogi Bhajan to allow our body to vibrate at the same frequency as prosperity.  I share this beautiful secret and many more inside my REAL BEAUTIFUL book.


Three Minute Har [Prosperity Meditation]

*Don’t forget to focus on the type of prosperity your wish to intend while you take part in this powerful meditation below.


Body Posture/Asana: Sit in easy pose.

Body Lock/Jalandhar Bandh (Light Neck Lock): the spine and

neck should be straight while keeping the muscles of the neck and

throat firm by lifting the chest upward and at the same time gently

stretching the back of the neck upwards with the head staying level

and centered. Do not tilt the head forward.

3min har hands in


Mudra/Hand Position: place your arms at your sides and bend

them at the elbows as your forearms, hands, and fingers diagonally

extend upwards in front of you at the level of the throat. Hit the side

of your hands so that the sides of the pinkie fingers meet as palms

face upward. Flip the hands over so palms are down as the sides of

index fingers hit/touch while your right thumb slides underneath the

left thumb. Alternately hit each side of the hands as related above in a

rhythm with the mantra har. Repeat the word har as you hit the sides

of your upward palms and pinkies, and then chant it again as you

turn your palms down and hit the sides of your index fingers with

thumbs crossed, right under left. With each har, pull the navel centre

(in the area of your belly button) sharply inwards towards the spine.





3min har hands in CLOSEUP


3min har hands in CLOSE UP                                                                                           [right thumb under left]


Breath/Pranayama: you will find your own breath rhythm.

Mantra/Healing Sound Vibration: Har.

On each repetition of the sound ‘Har’ [pronounced [HUD] the navel is pulled in and the tip of the tongue flicks off the roof of the mouth.  This mantra connects us to infinity where prosperity lives!

Eye Position: look at the tip of your nose with your eyes 1/10th open.

Practice for 3-11 minute

To End:  Inhale through your nose, retain the breath for 3 seconds, release it and relax.


Listen to the pronunciation of the har mantra in a

sample of Gurudass Kaur’s album titled Kundalini Mantra Instruction


Tell me about the prosperity that comes into your life below when you practice this beautiful meditation and live in the ways that make it happen! When we share our experiences we help each other to stay connected to these MAGICAL waves of energy!


Wishing you Magic & Miracles!



  1. Brandy Schuster says:

    Thank you Cindy! What a wonderful way to start my morning today! I really enjoyed this practice and felt my vibration increasing and the joy inside me amplifying. It brought smiles and laughter. During the practice I got a clear vision of what prosperity I wanted to manifest and it felt great being in that energy space, feeling it throughout my body, and sending it out into the world. Sending you love and appreciation, Brandy

    • Cindy Heath says:

      Thank you Brandy! I am so glad you felt the MAGIC this little jewel can bring. I share more of these beautiful secrets inside my book and wish you the highest energy! Please pass these secrets on to other women so that they can experience this abundance too! In my book I share a secret about how our own vibration is elevated when we are not afraid to share these ancient secrets with another…it is a karma thing…gotta love the POWER we have inside of us. Sat Nam X <3 O

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