The Science of Sound


“Mantras are not small things, mantras have power. They are the mind vibration in relationship to the Cosmos. The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche.”

 ~ Yogi Bhajan


I continue to be amazed at the powerful science behind every sound.  You are empowered to know that every sound carries a unique energy vibration of its own [not everyone knows this].  If you are willing to tune in, these sound vibrations will influence you on a cellular level as they alter your experiences in the mind, body, and spirit from moment to moment.  I personally get excited about this SECRET POWER that is available to change my experience of life.

Sound is at the core of creation and within the sounds of the world there is a secret promise. ~ Stewart Pearce


The vibrational energy of sound in some scientifically created mantras have been responsible for bringing more Peace & Prosperity into my life.  I am so grateful for the technology of the mantra to help me create what I need or desire.  Happiness, peace, beauty, prosperity, healing, and more states of being are only a vibration away for you as well.  If you find this difficult to believe, try it out for yourself.  Just be willing to get committed and listen to the vibration of a sacred gurbani mantra [a scientific vibratory sound with a specific effect created by an enlightened guru].  Everything is energy, and so is sound.  You decide what sound vibration or mantra you want to transform your experiences in life and then…become the creator of your real beautiful life! This sparkling insight is reflected in the quote above from one of my spirit guides, Yogi Bhajan.  Like beautiful gifts waiting to be unwrapped, the mantra I share with you today in this blog brings PEACE & PROSPERITY to you.   To unwrap these sacred gifts all that you have to do is be willing [committed to seek it [learn/listen]], with some honor from your heart [feel the feeling of gratitude, honor, reverence from your heart chakra (center of your chest)].

YOU and the divine universe are infinitely intelligent and have direct communication with one another.  Listening or repeating a gurbani mantra is a way of speaking to the universe and telling it what you need or want.  So choose a mantra that would be supportive to your life as there are many [happiness, peace, focus], and just listen.  Once you hear the mantra enough times then try to recite it with your own voice.  The vibration you make using your own voice speaks to the universe for you.  The universe can only create what you demand of it.  It is a simple, sacred science.

The universe can only create a world for you based on the information [aka the vibration] you send it. Allowing the flow of a vibrational sound to enter you by simply taking the time to listen to it can be a powerful tool to change the experience of your life.  Becoming the vibration on a deeper level by repeating a sound over and over with your own voice can quicken the experience, as the cells of your body are much closer to the vibration when it comes from your own voice.  Your cells have an ability to respond and connect with this special sound frequency, and over time, memorize it.  When the cell memorizes a vibratory sound, you become it, and the effect it creates comes to you.   To become the vibration means to carry it with you even when you are not directly listening to the vibrational sound.  This is an exquisite experience and expresses the power your own dedication or commitment has to change the memory inside the cells of your body and create the things you want for your life.

Think about trying to reach a specific person on their cell phone…you can only reach them if you have the right cell number.  So today I share the secret number for you to dial into PEACE & PROSPERITY.

I have come to love & honor the time I spend being exposed to some life altering vibrations through sacred gurbani mantras in my training as a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  As I continue to be trained even deeper in the beautiful and ancient science of energy, I have come to realize that there are many gifts waiting for you when you embrace yourself as an ‘energy being’ and practice energy technologies.  Today I share the gift of PEACE & PROSPERITY with you in the mantra below.   Write the mantra down so you have it I front of you to start, and then become it by chanting it with your own voice.

MANTRA FOR PEACE & PROSPERITY [connects you to the water element which allows you to eb & flow to the rhythm of Peace, from which Prosperity flows]





Sit in your sacred space.

Take in the healing vibration of the water, nature [both water & nature contain higher vibrations that can connect you to the infinite source of energy and increase the power of the any mantra], and the sound vibration of this powerful gurbani mantra for PEACE & PROSPERITY.  Repeat the sound of the mantra with your own voice, and then you will become it…and then Peace & Prosperity will come to you.

Practice this mantra & meditation for 11 minutes a day for a committed number of days [every day for 11 days…you choose], and record the moments of peace and prosperity that flow into your life.  This will allow you to witness your own power.





Sat Nam,


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