I LOVE when Dr. Phil says ‘How is that working for you?”He tries to tell us that if what we are doing isn’t working for us it is likely that the activities we choose to make things better, don’t work! I have worked in the medical system for over 25 years and have seen bandaid approaches for so many things. I have often wondered why health care wouldn’t want to treat things from the root to ensure they are REALLY healed. And we wonder why our health care system is overburdened.

“To cross this ocean of the universe, you have to see the Unseen between these two eyes which can see. You have to know the unknown, you have to hear the unheard. That is naad, that’s the rhythm, that’s the psychological, sociological, biological self of you which is only in you, which you can develop.” ~Yogi Bhajan


I have learned some ways of living and being that have made me feel better.  I have come to understand the science behind creating healing, health, bliss, peace, empowerment, purpose, inspiration, gratitude, kindness, love, worthiness and more. I have been astounded at the POWER of this knowledge and the technologies I have uncovered that help to create them. I am eternally grateful for the MIRACLES I have expereinced when I have applied these practices to my life.

There are REAL Beautiful secrets inside your body that have been hidden by teachings in mass media and social learning. Let’s look outside of these illusionary ways of knowing for the REAL truth.  Science has long ago proven that our body responds chemically, biologically, psychologically and physiologically on a cellular level when technologies are applied that change them. Just take a deep breath into your lungs and hold it for 10 seconds…feel the warm tingle inside when you release the breath…a simple chemical reaction taking place as oxygen exchange happens inside of you.   When we realize we are ‘energy beings’ that respond chemically inside,  we start to recognize how POWERFUL we really are!!


When we take a drug, go shopping, grab for chocolate or chips or just plain freak out and cry to soothe the restless or negative feelings we feel inside and feel better temporarily, our body has released chemicals to cause this to happen. Would if we could choose applying energy technologies instead to make these changes, feeling and expereinces happen? We could create all of the gifts in our life that are mentioned above & MORE if we knew how.  We could choose these activities or energy technologies to release the chemicals we need to feel UPLIFTED, PEACEFUL, FOCUSED, ON PURPOSE, EMPOWERED, INSPIRED, BALANCED, and so on. I share many of these secret technologies and gifts in my upcoming book and on my website.  Come and join me and millions of people who already know how to access the secrets inside our human design to create the health & happiness we deserve. Join us and begin your journey to your own POWER.

You are going to LOVE this!! xo

Let’s keep staying REAL Beautiful together


Sending you magic & miracles,



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