LOVING THE SCIENCE WITHIN.. “When you become honest within yourself and to yourself, before your own Consciousness, there shall not and cannot be any fear” -Yogi Bhajan I believe Yogi Bhajan knew that when we find out the truth about who we really are …POWERFUL ENERGY BEINGS, we realize that FEAR cannot exist! It is comforting to know that when we are FEELING FEARFUL that there are some things we can do to tame the chemicals in our body that are released to keep us lost in FEAR!  If we redirect our thoughts to more positive ones and squeeze our pinky fingers (one at a time) for a minute or two, we can do much to erase the feelings that keep fear alive inside of us.  These efforts change the vibration within our body cells, calm us down and lift us up to higher levels of energy where FEAR CAN’T LIVE.   If we remember that we can choose the vibration we want for our lives and that fear exists only when our vibrational level is low in the body, then we can undo fear in some NEW & FUN WAYS.  It is the level of vibration FEAR HOLDS that makes it so!  Learn more secrets that undo the things you want from your life and create the things you wish for!!  UPLIFT the vibrational level of your cells so you can let go of FEAR, depressed moods, addictions, imbalanced weight, lack of self love, and start gaining higher consciousness, celebrate who you are, get inspired and on purpose, have success, abundance and more!  You’re going to LOVE THIS!! Join the REAL Beautiful Movement below [IT’S FREE], so you can be updated on the secrets inside your body that make living and being REAL Beautiful SIMPLE, SACRED, & FUN!   Knowing yourself as an energy being is required! Unwrap your free gift while it lasts!

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    <3 Thanks~ Im gonna try the pinky finger 🙂 xo

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