Mantras are words that are scientifically chosen and technically applied in a specific way to create a healing effect on the body, mind and spirit.  They have the POWER to raise our vibration.

SCIENCE has proven that WORDS in the form of a MANTRA become a healing vibration for the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT!

As all things have ENERGY…even the colour PINK has the ability to change the vibration of the cells in our body to cause HEALING & BALANCE…

ROSE QUARTZ is a gemstone that emits healing energy.

WATERFALLS emit negative ions that raise our cell vibrations, help us to feel calmer and uplift our moods.

Find out more about the HEALING POWER of the MANTRA on the GIFT PAGE on the back of the sacred and beautiful healing mantra card available.  

EASY & EFFECTIVE ways to create healing and health in your life on a daily basis.


Sending you magic & miracles,


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