This photo was taken of me in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas.  I could have stayed in the water forever as it felt healing and infinite.  The wave before me in this picture, from sea level where I was positioned, seemed to accentuate the meaning of ABUNDANCE…This is how I feel in this moment.  Interesting how the things or circumstances we FEEL in our HEARTS become our reality!  A secret I share with you in my upcoming book!


Creating the FEELING of the things we want to take place in life is one of the countless REAL Beautiful secrets I share in my upcoming book.  It feels like MAGIC when it happens, yet it’s all because of the vibration I calibrate inside my mind, body, spirit and the divine force of energy that surrounds me and YOU!  Knowing the science of your ‘energy being’ and that of the universe is required.  Let go of depression, release anxiety, balance your weight, dissolve addictions, feel inspired and on purpose, be connected to higher consciousness, love who you are, connect with the other side and so much more!  Practice the Miracle Formulas, Magic Secrets and ways to ‘SACRED SADHANA’ that teach you how!  Plain and simple science…  LOVE IT!! If I can do this, you can too <3

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Just as ripples radiate from the place where a stone is thrown into a pool of water, our sometime-unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs create the “disturbances” in the Field that become the blueprints for our lives.

Gregg Braden



Sending you magic & miracles,




    • Cindy Heath says:

      Sat Nam Claire…don’t forget to sign/join to receive your free gift and begin your journey to causing magic and miracles to happen! Most of my posts have a sign up area and my home page has one at the top of the side bar. I appreciate your interest and honoring message sent out with you Namaste! Sat Nam is a very special and powerful mantra that contains a vibration that empowers you to love yourself and feel clear about your purpose in life. try repeating it often and see the magic that happens! Pronounced ‘Sut Nam’ xo

  1. Cindy Heath says:

    Thank you Michael! Love your enthusiasm! keep it going as it is one of the secrets to creating miracles in life. Learn more about how to cause miracles in daily life and receive a free gift when you sign up on home page or within this post! take care, Cindy

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