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CINDY HEATH [Akal Sahai Kaur]

R.N., BScN (with distinction), Author, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Energy Healer, Access Bars Practitioner, and winner of Donna Cairns Wright Nursing Award for CARING, and the Guru Ram Das [Lord of Miracles] award in Kundalini Yoga.


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  1. Elhassan Errezzaki says:

    Dear Cindy,

    It gives me pleasure to contact you in order to ask about your different

    activities and you kind help.

    Could you please send me an autographed print copy of your valuable book:

    “Real Beautiful ” ?.It’s hard

    to find it here in Morocco.Unfortunately,due to my very tight budget

    adding to currency restrictions I cannot pay for the book or the postage.

    my address is the following :
    Mr. Elhassan Errezzaki
    Douar Tarna Aday
    Anezi 85103

    Thanks very very very very much in advance

  2. Sandra Both says:

    Hi Cindy:

    I was unable to contact you via email or the text (telephone number) as everything was returned back so I don’t have your updated contact info. If you can please send me it at my email address: sboth@lifttemp.com so I can update my phone and we can stay in touch (after the cottage). Thanks, Sandra

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