Choosing Happiness: The Insightful Way

I am honoured to be a happiness crusader with over 100 other women around the world as we spread the ‘Choosing Happiness’ message.  Today my inspiring friend and best-selling author Linda Joy releases her new book ‘Inspiration for a Woman’s  Soul:  Choosing Happiness’ featuring the moving stories of 27 amazing women that share their intimate stories of hope that transform our ways of thinking, believing, and being as we overcome great challenges in life.

I have researched ‘happiness’ for over 25 years.  My passion as a nurse in the medical field to understand optimum human being,  on all levels from happiness, to death from illness, has revealed a thing or two about happiness to me.

I have come to see happiness from a scientific and physiological perspective because it unlocks the prison doors built by some societal and cultural views that believe one is born happy, or NOT!  For some reason the prevailing thought in some circles continues to be the latter.  Ironically it is the belief some are born happy while others are not, that perpetuates unhappiness for those that choose to believe in it.


I have been witness to the relentless power this way of ‘not believing’ in happiness can keep those that believe it locked in a proverbial darkness that bears no hope for brighter days, much less the possibility of miracles in daily life.

I have also intently studied miracles for a lifetime and have come to know that it is my believe that I can create them, and happiness too, that is the one key that opens that seemingly unlockable  ‘prison door’ that hides or reveals happiness, miracles, or any other greatness from my experiences in life.  If you look to the insight of enlightened spiritual teachers like Yogi Bhajan and Mahatma Gandhi, and then review the science behind happiness in research done by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispensa, and now inside the CHOOSING HAPPINESS book below, you can observe how these findings are reflected in their insightful words and works.



I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them ~Yogi Bahajan

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

You are not a victim of your genes: happiness and health are yours to create. ~Dr. Bruce Lipton
We have a natural ability called ‘neuro plasticity’, which means that if we learn new knowledge and have new experiences, we can develop new networks or circuits of neurons, and literally change our mind. ~ Dr. Joe Dispensa

The quotes above are filled with powerful insights that bring you from darkness to light; or unhappiness to happiness.  Learning new knowledge that teaches you about the power you own to rewire every cell in your physical body through the ways you think, believe, and behave, as you literally build the neural pathways and genes inside of you that make happiness and all good things exist.




Become happiness. Think, believe, live, breathe, sleep, and eat happiness, …and it will find you.  Then, when life presents physical, mental, and spiritual challenges that seem impossible-your body, mind, and spirit will be primed with your new knowledge that will mystically protect and carry you across the oceans of life to safer shores~ all because you know rewired happiness is yours to choose.


The energy wave that brought you to read this blog is evidence of your power to draw happiness to you.  Get connected to the energy of free gifts and inspiring happiness that rides this energy wave too!   For a limited time you can get over 40 transformational gifts when you purchase the ‘Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: ‘Choosing Happiness’ book.



Please share how you are choosing happiness in your own life below so we can learn and grow in happiness together! Sharing happy ideas with others amps up the vibrational energy that draws happiness to you, me, and others.  I will take the lead in the comments below…

I choose happiness every time I smile, do my 11 second miracle breath meditation, and stop believing that my genes control my HAPPINESS 🙂


How do you choose happiness?  

Share your thoughts below:)


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