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I LOVE simple and easy ways to change the energy vibration in my body and to get the results I am looking for!  Since we are made of energy, when we do things to balance our energy, we speak a language our body, mind and spirit understand!

Decrease Anxiety & Power Up Confidence

Who doesn’t need a tune up regularly to feel calm and confident?  The reason we all do is because we are ‘energy beings’ that can lose our higher energy vibrations because of the stress and challenges of life…it happens to us all!  No one escapes it!

When you feel your nerves shaking and your confidence slipping, Pran Mudra can adjust the energy centers inside the body and make you feel better!  The secret behind this exercise is knowing the magic power your fingers and hands own to clear the blocked or imbalanced energy inside your body to help your feel less stressed and more self-love.

Give all of your heartfelt attention to this simple exercise for 11 minutes daily for a week and see what happens!  You’re gonna LOVE IT!

1. Sit or rest in a comfortable position.

2. Hold your thumb, ring finger and pinkie finger tips together while the remaining fingers are straight, as shown in the photo.

3.  As you hold the hand position [sacred mudra], breathe in long and deep for 11 seconds, hold the breath in for 11 seconds without strain, and release the breath out slowly for 11 seconds [the REAL Beautiful Miracle Breath].

4. Hold this mudra and repeat the breath sequence for 11 minutes.  Repeat daily for one week…continue daily to keep balanced!

Listen to this beautiful recording of the ‘I Am Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful’ sacred mantra that feeds the body higher vibrations too and you compound the POWER of this Sacred Sadhana exponentially!

Own this sacred mantra and hold the power of it in your hand every day to keep your vibrational energy soaring!

Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful Sacred Healing Mantra Card.  

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Sending you magic & miracles,


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