I have always loved seeking outside the ‘status quo’ because I know it is the place where happiness, health, success and abundance live. In this mindset I connect to many others who think the same and experience moments of magic and miracles just like me! My friend Sondra Wright demonstrates thinking ‘outside the status quo’ in her lively and fun book that makes us shake our head and look at life after 40 in a fun, smart and sassy way!

Her book ‘40+ and Fabulous‘ is avsailable TODAY ONLY with some very special gifts. You just can’t lose when you connect to inspiring people with great ways of thinking! Get you book today and treat yourself to abundance at the same time…you really do deserve it! Each of the women in 40+ and Fabulous courageously shares a nugget of wisdom, a pearl from her journey of self-discovery. Learn how each of these women challenged established ideas and reinvented herself to become the successful, confident, powerhouse only she knew she could be. If they could do it, so can you!


Sending you magic & miracles,


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